Defenders Silver Surfer 1:200 Remastered Variant one Shot John Buscema
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Please Note: This is a pre-sale item, there are no cancellations for pre-sale items. This book does not release until 12/12/18 and will not start shipping until 12/24/18. All books are guaranteed to be in NM or better condition. This is NOT a Virgin cover and will have trade text on it. 

Defenders Silver Surfer 1:200 Remastered Variant One Shot featuring some mind blowing cover art the legendary artist John Buscema! All copies are guaranteed to be in NM or better condition, all of our comics come sealed in a high quality mylar bags supported by a full back board.

•  Shall not the Judge of All the Earths do right? 
•  Norrin Radd is not so certain.
•  But it falls to him who is the Silver Surfer to decide which planets will live...and which will feed the unending hunger of the world-devouring Galactus!
•  A single honest person can tip the balance...if only the Surfer can find one in time!
•  And the Train rolls on...